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  1. Hidepounder, I know this thread is getting old, but could you tell me the thickness of the sheets of styrene you use. McMaster Carr has them in 1/32, 1/16, 3/32, and 1/8". I would like to think the 1/32 would be enough, but wanted to get some feedback before ordering. Thanks.
  2. Particle, Thanks for the reply. I think the thread I saw that had a lot of replies was further back than I have been able to go. It seems like lobo had a lot of good advice in that one. I was able to find the one that involved much conversation about the Boss stitcher. By the way, love your holsters. Sam
  3. I have been making holsters for a couple of years now, and my dad, who recently retired, has asked about helping us begin making gun belts. I have seen several posts on thickness in the past, but can't get the search to go back far enough to find them. I know that the standard for a 1 1/2" belt is about 1/4" thick, but I am interested in making some a little thinner for IWB carry of smaller firearms. Also, does anyone have experience making 1 1/4" or even 1" double layer belts? Thanks Sam
  4. Here are a couple of pics of the other holster. Thanks, Sam
  5. Here are some pics of the holster in. Color is off in the first picture. This holster has basically zero cant, which could be part of the problem. It is for a j-frame revolver, with the cylinder behind the belt, not above or below.
  6. I did not reinforce the mouth on this holster. I know that makes it harder to re-holster if not reinforced, but didn't think about drawing the gun being easier as well. Something else to think about.
  7. I have had a couple of returns lately on IWB holsters sold online because the customer said they could not get the gun out of the holster. After getting them back and trying them myself, I can't find a problem. Are there any special design elements that you use to make them more "big people friendly"? I know that the belt involved, as well as the tightness of the belt could be a factor. Has anyone else ever ran into this? Any input appreciated. Just a little frustrated. Thanks, Sam
  8. I have recently had multiple requests to make holsters for the LCP with crimson trace. I have a dummy gun for the LCP but can't find one with the crimson trace attached. I called Rings and they don't offer one. I don't want to have to buy the real thing when I don't even own a gun to use it on. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Sam
  9. You can also make a "batch" of holsters in the same manner as you would a production run of holsters. Even if they are different patterns for different weapons, you can cut out a batch of say 20, of whatever you have orders for or want to stock. Then assemble them all with a pretty specific list of steps which are common to most pieces. For example, cut, glue, sew, mold, dye, etc. This is a lot faster, at least for me, than the one at a time approach, yet each holster can be considered custom. I also think it is a very good idea to have partially completed popular designs put together when time allows. As to the custom vs. semi-custom vs. production holsters, I think there is a market for all, but they do have to be priced to match each catagory. You will have to decide whether you want to accept market prices for "less custom" pieces. Sam
  10. Weaver leather has a great setup, complete with plates to use as a clicker. Just add 2 sheets of gum rubber from McMaster-Carr and you are ready to go.
  11. Did you buff off the excess dye after the dye was dry? If not, that may be why it is "coming off" with the conditioner.
  12. Thanks Bob. That is exactly what I needed. Sam
  13. Here are pix from the front and back of bobbin area. Can you point out to me where these screws are? Thanks, Sam
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