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  1. I'm in no business at all. This is just for hobby stuff (Yes, a lot of money to drop for a hobby I don't do often) But I hoard leather and have made a few things, I just feel like I'd make more if it were easier to sew rather than hand punching and sewing. I'll see if I can find some photos of the last bag I made.
  2. Good to know, thank you! I may just give it back to him since it doesn't really feel like it will fit my needs. I already own a hand cranked shoe cobbler machine (That I'm not a fan of) so I doubt I need to drop a lot of money on the Adler if I don't have to. The two pieces I know I need were over 200$ and there's no telling how many others I'd need.
  3. Thank you! I was actually just gifted an adler 30-1 it needs some parts so hopefully I can figure that out. I know nothing about the machine but the guy who gave it to me says it's a solid piece if I can fix it! But upon a wee bit of googling I'm seeing that the parts are super expensive so that may be a bust haha
  4. Ok, I think I've narrowed it down to the techsew 2700(Strong contender), the Cowboy CB227r, and to be honest the cb3200 is still in the running because why not? It's in the same price range, but still heavy duty if I decide to get wild. Thoughts and opinions are welcome.
  5. Not really too keen on going places atm to test anything out, most places are still under quarantine here anyways :/ Anyways, I'm still not too sure what smaller machines are out there. Back to looking I guess.
  6. I'm very interested in buying my own machine and have been researching and reading threads but it's honestly all so overwhelming. I'm looking at sewing messenger bags mainly, possibly some purses and coats/garments as well. I think I've decided I want a walking foot, triple feed(terminology?), cylinder arm machine, I figure I can either buy or make an attachment for a flatbed if needed. Also I would prefer if the speed reducer were already included. I was pretty sold on the cb3200 but now I'm worried it will be too much for what I need. Other machines I have pulled up; CB341, Cobra class 26 Sorry if I sound like an absolute idiot, please help!
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