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  1. Love old machines , and Welcome Anthony! what kind of leather work do you do? post some pictures and I would love to see the machine!
  2. Please accept my most sincere thanks for all you have done!
  3. here we all are I am in Southern Maryland! post some of your work , we all will help guide you and we will learn something too! glad you made it here
  4. Handsome work !, I also love the classic Brooks saddle w/ rivits !
  5. I am not good at finishing anything other than a solid color, I wish to learn the proper or best way to get the effect I am looking for I have used super sheen as a blocker and in my exp. it blocks out too much please help! Thanks
  6. can the soap be purchased in local stores?
  7. I too dig this, very clean and simple can you post a picture with folding money in it thanks!
  8. you are kidding right? first project,,, beautiful ! I need to make a bag like this and you have given me a few Ideas!
  9. Thanks very much to all who responded , I suspected it was a low dollar item market and I will stock accordingly,
  10. I had forgot to mention how nice the stamping is Basketweave is not so easy to do and the Camo boarder is tight ! very nice again
  11. Miss Barbara and myself are getting ready to do our first local craft show ever,, What should we offer, I have a bunch of 3/4" bracletts, a few wider ones, a few bags , please help me with ideas,, All the best Bo
  12. Nice work Mister man, , I wonder if the closer flap should not be trimmed to remove those 90 degree cuts wearing this horizontal on a bely I would think might grab things as you walk bye,, all in all I would be proud to have made that ! again Nice work !
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