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  1. I'm sharing my latest project with you with an embossing piece. This is a display for belt buckles. I thought it was a shame to have beautiful buckles hidden in a drawer. So I embossed and carved two pieces to make a sort of painting but all in leather. The leather where the buckles are attached is calfskin. Some orher picture
  2. I know Jean Luc too! A great guy!; he is retired from the leather industry but he s still working for himself. Thank you everyone for these welcome messages
  3. hello everyone, I'm Damien and I'm writing to you from Lyon in France. I am 49 years old, I am married and I have a 19 year old daughter. I came across your forum while looking for information on a sewing machine. I have been working with leather in France for two years now. I saw that your forum already welcomed friends: Frenchmich (aka Micth) is one of the best leather craftsmen in France (even if he doesn't like people saying it) and he helped me a lot to get started and also Wyatt Earp who I meet in a workshop and with whom we spend good times working but also having fun. I am therefore a very motivated amateur and leather working is my hobby: I came to it because I am a rider (I do reined COWHORSE in France and in Europe) and one day, I wanted to repair a strap. One thing led to another, I discovered the whole world of leather and became passionate about carving. I make small pieces: knife cases, small bags, but also spur straps, bridles, straps... I try to learn and improve with each job. Thank you for welcoming me, I will be happy to share my little acquaintances
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