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  1. Not necessarily. I am equipped to make tools in plastic. Some tools like the Swivel Knife Bevelers and back bevelers are really good in plastic and I do make those. I just wanted to get myself and others to think about it. I am always interested in making tools more accessible and easier to use. The cost of leather tools can be a little much for some crafters.
  2. My interest, in addition to leathercraft, is in hand tool modifications and innovations. As such, I asked the question. Leather tools in general are interesting given the ingenuity and creativeness that makers of tools have shown over the history of the craft. I am just looking for the tool that has yet to be made.
  3. Let me rephrase that: What hand tool doesn't exist but you wish it did?
  4. You can get back/bead bevelers for free at: http://swivelknifebeveler.etsy.com I hope this helps.
  5. You can also get them at http://swivelknifebeveler.etsy.com I hope this helps.
  6. What tool either doesn't exist but you wish it did, or is way to expensive? Also, what tool do you find the most difficult to use? Perhaps a template or tool guide that would make your work easier, but as far as you know doesn't exist.
  7. Swivel Knife bevelers Great result for such a simple inexpensive tool. http://swivelknifebeveler.etsy.com
  8. You can get them here here: http://swivelknifebeveler.etsy.com I hope that helps.
  9. I do not know the history of these bevelers, but I know you can get them here: http://swivelknifebeveler.etsy.com I hope this helps.
  10. Here is another Canadian supplier: swivelknifebeveler.etsy.com
  11. I really like these...you can also get them at https://swivelknifebeveler.etsy.com
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