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  1. You are correct, the stitches aren’t ripped, and it’s not damaged. I’m just trying to keep my brain from melting- accepting that it will keep its shape as I put it together, curved. It’s an opposite truth to my previous clothing sewing experience, that’s for sure.
  2. Thanks everyone for your ideas, and…… Yes, the pieces match when curved! Can I sew & glue it curved, and it will keep its integrity, or cut a new piece, or…?
  3. Hi, I bought a used gun belt & holster from shop goodwill.com. (They don’t tend to give very detailed listings, but the price is right.) When it arrived, I noticed that the stitching was gone and the glue dissolved, so the liner was attached to the belt with a few rivets. Here’s the problem- it seems that the lining has shrunk? I can’t lay the pieces flat and match the pieces end to end, I’m losing almost an inch. Can I stretch out the liner?
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