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  1. I'm moving out of state and downsizing my workshop space. The machine is located in Chicago, IL and is NOT available for shipping. It has been a great machine to use and quite frankly did not get used enough. This machine ALONE costs $2,395 new from Techsew, EXCLUDING shipping. I have a video that I can share of me skiving with it. Includes stand and vacuum suction device with sealed scrap bin for easy waste removal. BONUS - I installed a rubber roller instead of the more coarse standard roller and am including an extra rubber roller. I am also including an extra roller presser foot for softer leathers. Features: Precision designed for simple and smooth operation Built in blade sharpener, adjustable skiving width, adjustable skiving speed, equipped with power stand and variable speed 550W Servo motor, 1200 RPM Rotating Speed, skives light to medium leather up to 8oz, and up to 2" skiving width.
  2. Custom made belt-press, tip cutter and heat press that I made. The biggest problem that I solved in this build is that I created custom alignment guides so I know where to exactly position the belt during the process. More pictures of my work is available at: https://www.instagram.com/varianibian/
  3. I’ve only been doing leather work for about a year but have come to the conclusion that this is an expensive hobby- at least the way I’ve been approaching it. I really admire the talented craftsmen that post on this site and aspire to get close to that level of work. I made a few wallets and belts - all as gifts - and found that the leather became pretty costly. I used Herman Oak precut blanks doubled up and hand sewn and the belts probably cost me $35 each with the hardware included. The wallets weren’t bad expense wise but I did a bag and wound up spending another big chunk of change. I suspect there are much more economical ways to make these projects- I would certainly like to hear any suggestions. I was a woodturner prior to trying leather and I guess I was spoiled with the free wood. I enjoy leather but I am wondering about the long term since leather (and everything else) is getting more expensive. Do most leather crafters rely on selling some products just to finance the hobby?
  4. Hey everyone, I am a leather goods designer based in Los Angeles specializing in leather bags, wallets, and other leather accessories. I've been using this grommet machine for a couple years now. It is in fair condition: some rust, but runs well. Although I'd love to keep it, I need to clear up space in my studio. Please feel free to ask me any questions by responding to this thread. Alternatively, you can contact me through eliotylee@gmail.com Asking price (price flexible): $250
  5. Hey everyone, I am a leather goods designer based in Los Angeles specializing in leather bags, wallets, and other leather accessories. I've had this Stimpson 479 R1 Foot Power Machine for a couple years now. It has been serving me well and is in good condition. It can run up to a #4 grommet and is hand feed only. Please feel free to ask me any questions by responding to this thread. Alternatively, you can contact me through eliotylee@gmail.com Asking price (price flexible): $150
  6. Hey everyone, I am a leather goods designer based in Los Angeles specializing in leather bags, wallets, and other leather accessories. I've had this Stimpson C1 Foot Power Machine for a couple years now. It has been serving me well and is in good condition. Although I'd love to keep it, I need to clear up space in my studio. Please feel free to ask me any questions by responding to this thread. Alternatively, you can contact me through eliotylee@gmail.com Asking price (price flexible): $250
  7. Hello everyone, I just became a member of this site and am excited to be apart of this community. I am a leather goods designer based in Los Angeles. I specialize in leather bags and other leather accessories. To clear up space in my studio, I am trying to sell old machines. The prices are flexible. I have a Stimpson C1 Foot Power Machine, Stimpson 479 R1 Foot Power Machine, and grommet machine. They are used, but they still function well. Attached are some pictures of the machines. If interested, feel free to message me by responding to this thread!
  8. At the urging of friends, family, and my wife I've decided that someday is today.... We've often talked about making some items and going on the festival circuit to sell things and see the country. I've been making things for folks for several years, learned a lot, and everyone seems to think I'm good at this stuff... So, I'm ordering a Cowboy CB4500, and then I'm stuck...rivet setter? rotary strap cutter? Any advice on machines to speed up production? I make holsters, jewelry, books, cosplay armor, sheaths, and other...thinking of doing bags and backpacks. Thanks in advance, any advice is appreciated.
  9. Working on a project for my kid’s school. Just got in the new Cricut debossing tool and decided to test it out. Cutting First off, all the cuts were made on the maker on the leather setting appropriate to the weight of the scrap used. I’ve had NO TROUBLE cutting leather up to 5oz. It will cut a hole small enough for rivets. Tip- put transfer tape on the back of your leather before applying to strong grip mat to keep the fuzzies off your mat and avoid compromising the stickiness of your mat. Use a piece small enough not to go under the black roller wheels as it CAN get stuck and bunch up. use masking tape around the edges and remember to move the white star wheels all the way to the right so they don’t damage your leather. Tests done: Old scoring stylus tool, wet (line type: draw) New Debossing tool, wet (line type: deboss) New Debossing tool, dry (line type: deboss) Fiebings Dark Brown antique paste was then applied. I also tested out Cricut pens on dry leather: 0.4 fine point black as well as 1.0 tip in green (metallic petal) All tests done with Apple Chancery Font. Results (see photos) The old style scoring stylus (pen shaped) gave the cleanest impression but wasn’t very visible. The debossing tool was disappointing in that it was messy looking and you could see the dimple where it had started. I think either of these tools might be fine for a larger piece, especially in the case of the stylus if you were looking for a subtle effect or wanting to subtly mark a pattern for painting or stamping. I think this is where it would really shine. For the project at hand, I’m going with the pens. Caveat: the petal metallics are water based and the black pen’s composition was not on the packaging I had- I have not tested putting finish on them. Also note there are third party adapter for using other pens. I’m curious to see how refillable dye pens or the colored dye pens from Real Leather perform. Hopefully I receive some for Christmas so I can let you all know how it works. Bottom Line I like the Maker, and plan to use it more. I think I’ll import my patterns and use it to cut out patterns, mark alignment and fold lines when I have lots of pieces or small pieces that need precision. I might experiment with using it when I’ve got SO MANY HOLES to do as I tend to use a micro punch 0.5-1mm for my sewing holes (I know, I’m a heretic with joint problems, sue me). The debossing tool is not ready for prime time when in comes to leather though I can see some applications for it. I look forward to trying the forthcoming engraving tool which fits in the same quick change housing. Will it replace the laser cutter in my heart? No. But the Maker was affordable, worked for my many crafts, and doesn’t require me to drive across town to the maker space to use! Additionally, the company has made good on their promise to continue to release new tools for the adaptive tool system they introduced with the Maker.
  10. Hi everybody! (Complete with Grover arms) I am sooooo pumped! I just finished paying for, and am picking up tomorrow, a Cobra 4 -16” and a Thompson Walking Foot machine! I also am the proud owner of a paper weight with a treadle, that says it’s a Singer 29-something. I get to try and fix that up on my own. Fun! My husband has kindly cleared the garage out for a leather/craft shop and plans are underway to change a church table into a leather table! Can clear shoe boxes with foam for my stamps be far away? I’m going to ask a gentleman in the area to make sure the two new machines are in spec. I have been told he’s really good with industrial machines, soooo, yeah, pumped! I’ve been talking to several people about learning from real professionals about shoe/boot making/repair and saddlemaking/repair. So, do any of you have names of people in the Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas or South Dakota areas that give lessons about shoes/boots/saddles/harness? oh, and now I get the museum of sewing machines tendency! The right tool for the right job! Sorry about before!
  11. Selling Must Go ASAP. SHOP CLOSED. RANDALL BELT CUTTER 14" Working Condition USED On Wheels Ready for Easy Move. Retails used $1500 on average. FALES LEATHER CLICKER MACHINE with ALL CLICKER WOODEN/METAL DIES/MOLDS & ANVIL on SIDE. Needs Motor , Machine weight is 1000 LBS. DIES alone retail over $1000 used. LOCATION DEARBORN MICHIGAN. ZIP CODE 48127 Send email for best contact. Serious Buyers only please.
  12. Hello all, Brand new member here! So, I have quit my job and deciding to change my hobby into something more. I am looking to create bags and accessories, in some cases using old sofa/upholstery leather and fabrics. I have been hacking things together on my old Bernina 1130, she is a strong domestic, but it is time to go industrial. After much (much!) research, I am down to two models- an old German made Durkopp Adler 69-373 cylinder arm, or a local brand that I think comes under the Chinese 'clone' umbrella. The brand is called 'Wimsew' and are here in south/west London. It is £400 more for the Adler, and it is pretty battered, but I have found a lot of positive reviews online about it (here and elsewhere). I can barely find any info or reviews on any of the Wimsew models, which makes me nervous. They say it is just as good, and it is new, but with such a big investment (between £1200 to £1600) I want it to be really right. I talked to another dealer on the phone who was very quick to recommend an Adler 669 or Pfaff 335, but they are more like £2000-£3000, which feels a bit steep and I *think* the 373 does everything I need it to really. I don't know what these two would do more to justify the price. So far the thickest leather i have sewn has been four layers coming to 6.59 mm, but if I wanted to add piping I guess that might go up to 8.5mm or so. So, I just wondered if anyone had any advice, or any experience of these particular models or brands? I think I am going to make the decision this week, I have a load of leather cut out and ready to be made into bags that I am stalling on until i am totally happy that I will have near indestructible seams! Any advice, help or guidance much appreciated. Gavin.
  13. I haven't posted in a while and I remembered this category on the forum. I wrote a blog post this morning on the general topic of leather sewing machines--more specifically, MY leather sewing machines, and the love & adoration I have for them. Anyway, here's a link to the post--feel free to share the whole thing here if it's appropriate. Here's the link: http://www.brucegibsondesign.com/sewing-machines-stitchers-profanity-thoughts-violence/
  14. I am in the market for a user-friendly stamp press machine to use on small leather accessories such as a leather credit card case. The machine will be used to emboss a logo on the leather. Not sure if I should go with heat or non? I am very particular about quality. I will not be using foil, but may want the option down the road. I have spoken to vendors and the recommendations I am getting are the following: green machine, model 25, and 55. Any feedback regarding model and vendor recommendations would be great. Thanks.
  15. We need to buy a machine to sew heavy leather for English saddles and tack. Seems like the consensus here is that a cylinder machine is more versatile but the instructors at the saddlery school are saying that a flat bed machine is more precise and that cylinder machines are not needed. Can someone who works on English tack help clear this up for us? We already have a Juki 1541S for blanket and lighter leather work.
  16. As some may have read in the conversation section of the site, I am passing the torch and preparing to sell off all of my supplies, tools, machines, books, leather, and more. I recently purchased this burnisher from Cobra folks and a favorite machine in the shop. Has been used very little and always covered when not in use. Has sanding roll on one side and rosewood burnisher on other side. Variable speed motor and reversible as well. Great cast iron stand with small holding tray just beneath the table top. Stand is height adjustable and was ideal for me as I have to work from seated position. This would be a welcome addition to any shop. Selling for first $300.00 plus shipping or may be picked up in Opelika, Alabama, 36804. I will be listing all of my items here and on other sites which will provide good exposure and result in fast sales. Hope a leather person from this site is the buyer and please watch for many more items to be listed as we are able to get things together and pics taken. Will be a difficult chore but time has dictated that it is time is to go. Ask questions and I will attempt to answer them. Check the shipping charge that Cobra has listed, @ $69.00 I believe, and I will do whatever I can to be at that level or less. Actual shipping charges only. God Bless. Ray
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    This thread is sort of my knifemaking/sharpening blog. I make the occasional knife, most of them tactical ones for friends kids and grandkids who are just graduating from basic or advanced training. I mostly sharpen scissors (from standard to technical stylist scissors/shears, to a pair of Fiskars), knives, hand and power tools, leatherworking tools, most garden tools (please don't bring a 1,000 lb garden tractor over here with the mower blades attached), Dog and human hair clippers and blades (sharpening and repair), I'll tackle most anything if you are in a bind, but I will send out saw blades and end mills as there are others who can do them better. That being said, I am retired. I don't have to do anything If I don't want to, I do it just to do something that I know how to do. We all like to feel useful, but I ain't going to work myself to death. This is kind of the see something, say something of a knife shop. Everyone is welcome to add to or ask questions. Art
  18. Tippmann BOSS Stitcher, brand new condition. I purchased this machine after shoe school but never used it (aside from threading and testing!). I do have the box plus all accessories PLUS flatbead attachment ($135 value). $1000 plus shipping (If you are local, I will deliver)
  19. READYSTRAP is FOR SALE The time has come to start thinking about retirement. Therefore I am placing the Readystrap Company LLC up for sale. Sale includes all machinery, tools and inventory, all in perfect running condition and ready to go to work making you money. You can continue as I do buy making straps part time from home. Or, turn it into a full time business. You can also make all sorts of stuff with these machines and equipment. Bags, Holsters, Covers, Tents, Tarps, Outdoor Gear, Packs, You name it! Everything is working properly and ready to go to work. Up for sale are (8) industrial sewing machines and one home style sewing machine with all attachments and accessories as listed below. Several spools of polyester and nylon thread #70 through #277 many colors. Complete and partial rolls of polyester and nylon webbing 1” and 2” wide of different strengths and colors. Various metal hardware including some ratchets and some cam buckles. (1) Hydraulic test machine and attachments. (for pulling straps and hardware for breaking strength ratings.) Heavy! About 500lbs and eight ft long. (1) Sublimation ink printing machine. (Workforce 1100) with internal and external ink feeds. (Prints designs for straps, t-shirts, flags, clothing tags and much more.) (1) Juki 3/4hp industrial sewing machine clutch motor, like new condition. (1) 16” heat press. (does t-shirts, straps, tags, mouse pads and more.) (1) Coffee cup and mug heat press. (prints pictures and logos on coffee cups and mugs.) Boxed Fabric materials, mostly remnants and partial rolls. The complete domain name Readystrap http://www.readystrap.com Training in use of all machinery and current supply chains. (1) Barely used, like new Cowboy CB4500 heavy duty stitching machine and table w/ servo motor and several new and unused extra attachments. (1) Juki LU563 industrial sewing machine and table with servo motor and attachments. Walking foot model in perfect working condition. (can be seen on YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/user/Readystrap (1) Consew 255RB-1 industrial sewing machine and table with servo motor, speed reducer and attachments. Walking foot model in perfect working condition. (Can be seen on YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/user/Readystrap (1) Global 22565 class 22 industrial sewing machine and table (Zig Zag and straight stitch) in perfect working condition. (Can be seen on YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/user/Readystrap (1) Juki DL8500 industrial sewing machine and table w/servo motor. In perfect working condition. (1) Singer 188K1 industrial sewing machine with table and in perfect working condition. (1) Brother DB2-B714-3 industrial sewing machine with regular size table and large canvas table. (1) Ward Signature table top sewing machine (like new) does several types of stitches. (1) Industrial sewing machine table with old Singer Industrial sewing machine. (needs motor) I was going to toss the machine head and use the table for another machine but never got around to it. Price $5000.00 Five Thousand USD. Cannot ship! Must be picked up and loaded from our New Hampshire location. E-Mail gary@readystrap.com for more info, or call 603-715-0610
  20. I am tasked with cleaning out our warehouse and inside are numerous pieces of machinery from an old leather factory. I am curious as to what each of these machines do, how much they cost new and how much are they worth used. Really interested in the second picture it looks like a really interesting piece of equipment The last few pictures are of a machine that we disassembled and cleaned it was made by randall machinery from New York it has the numbers R6501 and R6562 sramped on the housing and the model number is R-14. It appears to be working fine, and it seems as if the cobra company still makes a similar machine was curious to know how much it is worth.
  21. Liquidating complete leather shop including leather, other materials, tools, and machines. Take it all -- add to your existing business -- or start your new career, second job or hobby today! Located in Southern California north of Los Angeles. Please call 661 268 0813 -- we don't use the computer much -- sorry about that.
  22. I've been lurking around the site for a while and recently decided to join so I could ask a few questions and see some informational pictures. Hey everybody! Im a young civil-engineer and ive been handcrafting leather products for friends and family on the weekends and some nights. Some of my gear landed in the right hands so Ive decided to leave my current job and start a new venture. I'm launching a start-up and only have experience with hand-stitching. Honestly, I hate to break away from hand stitching but some products will require it. I need to find a machine to evaluate cost, so I can program it into my line-item budget (my original budget provided to the investors ranged the machine from $1500-$3000. What I'll be making: Handbags; "totes"; satchels; rucksacks; purses; clutches; duffel-bags; Belts; wallets (probably still going to hand stitch these) but open to machine sewing; in-pocket phone cases; luggage/bag straps: Some of these products (30%) will be a mix of waxed canvas and leather, but most will be completely comprised of leather. I'm using Horween Cordovan Shell for smaller items and good quality veg-tan hides for bags. The weight will range from 3-4oz leather for small items to 9-10oz for larger items. I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but I'm willing to invest in a good machine. I've looked at the Cowboy 4500 and some Juki and Consew machines, but since I have absolutely no experience with machines, I don't know what to get and don't know if I need anything like that.. I've been to several design-studios in the past few months and they all seem to have long arm table-top machine with compound walking feet. I'm not stuck on any machine or any style. I'm up for any and all recommendations. I'll be hiring a few interns who have fashion-design experience and of course multi-material sewing experience, but that will be in 2014... I'd like to find and buy the machine now to start familiarizing myself with it. When I'm in the full swing of things, I'll have to buy more machines as well. However, I need something that is somewhat multi-purpose. I'm pretty proficient in PAD 5.0 drawings/files and also Adobe Illustrator and CAD if anyone ever has questions on that or how that could use it with product design. Disclaimer: highly-technical sewing lingo will fly directly over my head. I apologize for my ignorance,
  23. Please post up pics if available and any extra info about it that you like. I appreciate all the info i've learned untill wee-hours of the morning from this site. 1: Juki DSU-145 equipped with a Reliable servo motor. I purchased it from someone that use to make handbags. It can sew most of the collars we make when we use 1/8" padding inside, not so well when I use 1/4" padding. I also use this machine to do all of the letters to collars/leashes. 2: Adler 867 M-type temporary equipped with a Family servo motor, and adjustable guide. This does our collars with 1/4" padding with NO problems. It has a 20mm pressor foot lift. I'm really satified with this machine. Next...I would like to own a Patcher(29K) and a 441. Thanks in advance for anyone that shares their equipment! Malik
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