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Auction Sun Apr 24 Saddle Shop Items & Equip

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Auction this Sunday to include items from a closed saddle repair business including machinery, hardware, tools, books, patterns, buckles, hardware, lots of miscellaneous....   Many more items than shown on auction listing. I'll add more photos shortly.


Located outside of Bismarck, MO.  

Ferdinand Bull 900B - Works great! Built to sew up to 1 inch leather, down to 4 oz. with thread size 69 - 415 (6 cord). Was originally purchased new from Ferdco and used by a saddle maker building new saddles and doing general saddle and tack repair. 

Includes Standard foot, Right toed foot (stirrup foot), Left toed foot, Blanket foot, Buckle foot, Wax pot, Drop Down Roller Guide, Clutch motor with speed reducer, Table with Thread Spool Holder and Work Light, 4 bobbins, Instruction Manual, Extra Needles, Thread, Tools. I really loved using this machine. Easy to use and maintain.


Singer 136w110 Post Machine

I never used this machine so I can't vouch for how it runs. The original owner of the shop did use it. Comes with some spare bobbins. I don't have a good picture as it's behind a bunch of furniture and I can't get to it at the moment. It's mounted on a work table with thread spool holder.


Randall Creasing Machine - with single and double crease flat rollers and stand. 

Two 5 -in-1 machines

Landis Leather splitter

Fudge wheel machine


Not sure if this is now considered a novelty or if saddle fitters and saddle makers still use them. 

A Saddletech Gauge - including a wooden case, brochures, and assessment sheets. Was designed to assist with fitting saddles and to specify measurements when ordering custom trees. Will post pics of the gauge later today.


Lots of buckles, hardware, tools, etc...







fudge wheel.jpg



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