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I had picked up a 5 in 1 a long time ago without a gear cover. I tried hard to find one but couldn't. I had asked a friend of mine with a 3D printer if he could design something to work. He said he could so I passed it off to him, he used his engineering mind to make a handful of trial and error runs before printing off the perfect fit for the cutter, he even threw my logo on it and painted it to match. I couldn't be happier, and I wanted to post it on here to in the event that someone else has a Champion 5 in 1 that is lacking a gear cover, or has a cracked cover - as he saved the file and would be happy to print more. It is plastic, but it will keep dust and your fingers out just the same. He saved the file for this, if you have a Landis you would probably have to be local and be ok giving up the cutter for a little while. Local meaning WA, or at least the pacific northwest.


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