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Wetting finished leather

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I'm working on a project that will have a rolled piece of leather going around the edge. I want to keep the edge as tight as possible to the main piece, and the method I've found that works best is to get it good and wet. I've included a very rough mock up picture (the roll would be a bit tighter, but the main piece of leather had an edge that wasn't cut perpendicular)

The issue is that the main piece of leather needs to be tooled, painted, and antiqued prior to attaching the edging. I'm obviously worried about spending all that time finishing the main portion only to have it destroyed by getting it wet while forming the edge.

Is there a better method? If not, would this cause problems on my finished center piece?


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Others may come along with a better answer but if it were me, attempting to do that the same way, I'd be wetting the entire piece to keep the wetness the same on the piece so when it dries it is as uniform as it can be. You should just be able to mist the main piece while keeping the rolled edge a bit wetter.

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