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Strange things (to me) happening on sewing machine.

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1. So for example when I'm stitching a card holder on my PFAFF 335 H2 sewing machine, The straight edges seem to be fine, but once I get to a corner.. the thread seems to be loose? Hopefully you can see it in the picture attached, however I've tried punching the needle through by hand on the wheel in the corner of the card holder then lifting the lever slightly so the thread locks and rotating it 90 degrees to begin finishing the rest of the card holder... but it still becomes loose, any ideas on how to fix this?

2. Also if for what ever reason I mess up the stitching or the machine messes up the stitching on the project i'm doing and I need to unpick then restitch again, why does the stitching tension change and you can see the (knot) in the middle on one side? I also tried hammering the stitch holes down after i've unpicked the thread to close them however it still does this... Does everyone have this problem? If not what could be a solution?

Thanks and any help is appreciated,





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Have a read of this:

Hope theres some help in this.

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On 6/22/2022 at 2:43 AM, VIIXCIV said:

Thanks and any help is appreciated

Moved to leather sewing machines.

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