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Leather Supply Companies - Good and Bad?

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How about a Texas longhorn steer, head or skull with your logo on top between the horns?

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Use most of Mulesaw's logo suggestion with these adjustments:

1.  Border -- Make the border an outline of the map of the U.S.A.  (I spent 10 years overseas, non-military, and the map of the U.S. is readily recognizable.)

2.  Logo --  Swap the hammer for a swivel knife or maul.  (This removes the similarities to the communist flag logo.)

I love the U.S. flag for "Union" and the colors, but it looks too cartoonish and somewhat like a political pin-on button a kid puts on their backpack.

For color print you can use the red, white, and blue for the different words.  Union in blue.  Leather Supply in white.  Shape of the U.S. map outline in red. 

That would really pop in print & business cards, be identifiable, and yet not overly complicated. 

3.  Font -- Keep the same font as your current logos.  Continuity is key.  Nike keeps their font regardless of equipment or level of product/model.

These changes should clean it up, appear more professional, and be easy to reproduce from an ink print to a laser etched brand mark on products.

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