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Q. Landis K ( Hydraulic Ver. Single mini wheel

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Hello all,

In a liquidation I have the opportunity to acquire another Landis K. Why buy another? Well maybe one side seaming and another for soles. Here, the kicker. 
It has a single smaller rotation wheel on the left. I thought it was missing the right wheel. Turns out it is a hydraulic version. Go figure. I didn’t know it existed. Any tips on these maintenance wise? Pros. It works. Cons. Not all parts are interchangeable with mechanical version. Pros. Has all the keys, many needles, awls, thread, liquid etc. Pros. More powerful? More torque? Pro/Con only 60 miles away. Pro/Con probably can get under 8 bills. Cons. Typical back breaker but I’ve learned a few tricks for transport. Pros. I’m probably the only one in the area who wants it, can use it and take care of it. Cons. I’m finding nothing online about hydraulic versions. Cons. Before seeing it and the condition I was also considering it for straight backup parts. Not so much the case now. 
Any feedback most appreciated! Thanks. 

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Damn.  Never heard of that on a Landis curve needle.  The Rapid E317 was considered the Cadillac of the curved needle machines since it had a hydraulic foot lift and clamp.  Pics please


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