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long time user of Cobra equipment. But, most familiar with the class 4. I’m looking to buy a Juki LS-1341 for bag usage. But, I have a few questions that I just haven’t been able to find in searching here and other places. 

1. are all accessories specific to the 1341 model or do they match the Singer 111w? I think I may know the answer that the 341 may match the singer. But, I’m not certain. 

2. when sewing smooth finish leather will the serrated feet mark them? Or, can I purchase smooth feet? 

3. where’s the best place to purchase accessories like binding attachments and piping feet, along with others. 

Thanks in advance for the help. 


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We had a few LS-1341s at the university I mechanicked at, so my answers are not based on experience in a professional sewing space, but I did a lot of troubleshooting for a large variety of materials and projects.

1) we used generic accessories (I'm guessing you mean attachments?) I don't know the Singer 111w, so can't speak to that.

2) the serrated feet will mark soft leathers, yes. They were less trouble with harder leather, especially if you can get the foot pressure adjustment right.

Still, smooth bottom feet are available for all the foot types we used (zipper, cording)

3)Juki will sell feet to you, and they are superb quality (I use Civit Inc. for all my Juki parts needs) but the official Juki walking feet in particular can be wildly expensive.  Not all their parts are more expensive than generic, but some of the walking feet were. So we ended up getting generic at City Sewing. It's probably not the best source (I don't know), but that's what we used, and the feet and attachments were fine, no problems with them.




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21 hours ago, kyleatherworker said:

I’m looking to buy a Juki LS-1341 for bag usage.

There are a lot of clones of the Juki 1341 the Kobe LS-1341 and Techsew 2750 to name a couple. That makes access to attachments and replacement parts really available. However the genuine Juki parts are of better quality / consistency and with that comes the premium price. Even simple items like after market bobbins may work, may not but Juki bobbins always work.

I use after market items off such sites as Aliexpress or Amazon for binding attachments made for flatbed machines so I can utilize them on all my machines rather then having a dedicated set for just the 1341. This for me is cost effective. Flatbed binders cost less then $15 ea while 90 binders are $100 each. The downside is that you can't get the item being edged as close to the needle as if you were to use a 90 degree binder. It will depend on your pocket book and what you are binding.

If I were you I would consider using your Class 4 with the needle plate that RockyAussie developed. Topic ( "A liitle change to make a BIG differance on Cowboy sewing machines" ). It maybe worth looking into and potentially saving the cost of another machine.


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