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Antique DEFIANCE Arbor Press / Hand Press - damaged

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Hi Folks,

I have an old Defiance brand hand press / arbor press I'm refurbishing. 

When I acquired it, I found a piece of tubular fabric stuffed into the area between the threaded end of the pin and the disc that was cracked. See pics... Big crack! When I unscrewed the disc from the pin, the fabric came out and I found that the disc will not even screw in at all with the stripped end and the cracked disc. :( There goes my good deal. LOL. Somewhere somebody has to pay!!! That'll be me!

Hopefully some of you are familiar with the machine and can help me out. I know where I can find parts and plan to order soon. However, the weird thing is that none of the Sellers of the parts gives you the actual specs on the size of the threaded rod piece, called a pin. I have even searched Osborne who sells parts that fit this Defiance press as well as their own W-1 press.

So, does anybody know the size of the pin (end of the rod with the threads) and the actual thread number? Asking because I'd like to try to find other parts that may fit it but not necessaarily made for the machine. I've included a photo of this part next to a ruler to show that it isn't quite 5/8", looks more like 9/16" to me. I have calipers but not with me. How do I count the threads?

H-E-L-P !   Oh, and Thank you for anything you can share. Much appreciated! :)



stuffed fabric.jpg

stripped threads.jpg

size of threaded rod.jpg

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Most threads are listed as TPI or Threads Per Inch . . . 

Count the number of threads . . . I counted 11 . . . and interpolate that into a 1 inch length . . . from what I can see on the screen . . . it looks to me like 22 TPI

Good luck.

May God bless,


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if you cant find parts find a machine shop, they can recut the threads and make a new disc to fit them. The disc is cast iron so welding is iffy at best if you have both pieces. A machine shop can also make a disc out of decent steel or even a new pin also. 

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Both 9/16"-24tpi and 5/8"-24tpi are extra fine threads.  I'd sure go coarser, like 5/8"-18 given the chance.

From the looks of things, if you extend the threads to their 60 degree peak, it was originally a 5/8" diameter thread. 

If you have a buddy with a lathe he can fix you up.  Recutting the existing mess will require going down in thread diameter a bit.  I don't believe those threads will clean up.

If you run into trouble, PM me.

God bless

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Thanks for the info guys! Much appreciated! I do have a machine shop nearby, but I know I can get replacement parts pretty affordably. One of the members here, Button Lady, is an Osborne Dealer and I believe also a Dealer for Handy?? https://www.workroombuttons.com/view_cart.asp

I am asking about thread sizes because I'd just like to know so I can do some fitting myself and make a few attachments. I plan to buy some Osborne stuff for it, but will also likely make my own parts too, there are so many things you can do with these old machines.

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