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Confused about the correct process/order to dying, painting, antiquing, sealing…

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Everyone seems to do it differently, so I’m just comparing…

What order do you do those in, and what products do you like to use?? (BONUS POINTS for links!)

I’m wanting to dye some areas of the work, paint some areas of the work, and antique on top of the tooling (some areas of tooling are painted, some aren’t painted- just dyed).

Tool first, I got that. But then what?

And do I need to use sealer in between steps? If so, any tips on timeframes for drying are much appreciated!

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On 8/30/2023 at 9:33 PM, Burkhardt said:


Don Gonzales is my go to source for anything related to leather work!!! Absolutely love his videos and products. He really is about helping the up and coming craftsmen, hobbyist, and DIY leather folk.


His YouTube Channel:



His Website:




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