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J Dixon & Heritage Skiver

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My leather work has taken on a different focus so these tools have not seen work in 6 years. Oh yeah I’ve picked up one or two for a hit or two since. Note the stickers on some.

I’m leaving until September 22, don’t know the connection if any where I’m going. Hopefully no cell service!!!

Number 36 punch is damaged and will throw it in as someone could machine it back to life. 

Meanwhile you can gawk, scrape up some dough and be ready to buy when I return.

Heritage Skiver is also included

I was going to list here in the description how I have not used it much at all, then I cut my finger cleaning it. Enough said. 

As I was comparing to others I noticed the adjustment screw with a brass colored base was not on it. Funny I bought this in 2006 and just noticed. I’ve used it a bit but never noticed a screw was gone. Simple replacement.

I know the cost of each when new. But there may be a Leather Worker out there that would benefit from Super Quality tools at a good price. 
I will not be able to ship until September 25 as I’ll be out of Country. But you can secure the sale now if you act before tomorrow evening September 12th. Otherwise I’ll answer questions when I return 

$450.00 plus $15.00 shipping Venmo or PayPal 

Much obliged for looking 




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