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My best bud, John "Cool Johnny" Norris, asked me a while back to make him a medicine bag necklace. Due to the bag's small size, it was hard for me to come up with a design that would be functional, would look good, and would be something that I could actually sew by hand. After a few starts and stops, I settled on the bag you see here. It is made from deer hide. I'm still not crazy about how it draws to close but it is what it is.

I had a better idea for what I wanted the lanyard to look like, but that also provided some challenges. First off, I had to learn how to do a 4-strand round braid. Braiding deer lace can be a challenge because of how stretchy it is so I used suede lace which is a little more stiff. Then I had to design a clasping mechanism that I could carve out of deer antler that wouldn't be too bulky. I had a vision in my head of a hook and loop kind of clasp with the hook having wings at the end to lock it in place. That proved to be tough to carve out and I lost a bit of skin in the process. Lastly, I needed to figure out a decent way to secure the deer antler beads and turkey spurs in place. I settled on putting a metal brad through each piece and then epoxying the brad in place.

I hope it brings Cool Johnny good luck in the woods. It already has a bunch of powerful mojo in it!


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That is an epic level of cool for Cool Johnny!  Beautiful work and so many original details.  The colors are great and the accents on the medicine bag frame the whole necklace.  Powerful medicine.  

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