cutesy things to do with scrap leather

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thanks! very careful cutting with the template I made and an exacto blade.

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Hallo Junge,

You are very talented and enjoyed the pieces you have displayed. Very nice.

I spend most of my time making things out of junk leather and scraps. It is pleasant and unlimited for an active imagination. Never made any barettes and no idea if they would be an item of interest around here but will have to give it a shot.

Couple of the redneck coots that visit now and then, call me the keyfob king. I make them out of any shape and in all sizes, different hardware and constantly dreaming up more. Made a few steam punk larger fobs and one of my amigos wanted to know what steam punk was. HUH? How was I supposed to know all that. I just make the stuff. ckl. Great fun shall never cease.

Auf Wiedersehen,

Gott sei mitt Uns.


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This is a great topic, I've already picked up some ideas for scraps. Thanks for bring it up, I'm hoping to see a lot more. Something I've done with some scraps is making these little valets or trays. You can put them on your dresser and use them for keys or change or whatever. You can make them pretty much any size, but thicker leather will require a little bit more so you can bend up the corners. Probably a 6" square piece would be the minimum I would do something with, but triangle pieces would work too.

I've held the corners together using thread or rivets on some, but for what it's used for just wet molding it and a couple coats of resolene will keep the corners up indefinitely just fine.


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