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Great Experience At The Leather Machine Company

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So my Pfaff went out of time again and I thought to myself that I should not bring it back to the nice man who has fixed it twice before even if he is in the neighborhood. I contacted Steve at the Leather Machine Company and he told me that his mechanic Tony could take a look at it for me. This was an hour drive and in downtown Los Angeles there are probably thirty places to get a walking foot machine looked at. But, and this is a big but, I knew that Steve would help me understand what was going on with the machine.

It wasn't Steve but Tony who spent the time with me that I needed. Not only did he let me sit there and watch him work on the machine, but he explained everything he found. He also pointed out that the machine was missing three parts, not essential but that should have been there. Now my local guy didn't tell me this, and the guy who sold me the machine on Ebay (long ago, but that makes no difference) didn't tell me this. Tony told me this. He was thorough, he was patient, and he was meticulously organized. But the most important thing was that he took time with me to help me understand my machine.

I am self taught, I think many of us are. So to have Tony go over thread and needles and pressure was really helpful to me.

And when I tell you I brought all my thread and all my needles and all the stuff I wanted to sew, I did.

I have had one other experience with Steve, buying a motor, and he was just as patient with me then.

If you don't hook up with people like this when you are learning, it's hard sometimes to keep on going. I have had machines serviced before and asked for help, but I haven't had great experiences. Either people don't have the time, or they don't want to be bothered. Or my lack of knowledge is annoying. Who knows. All I know is that Steve and Tony are exceptional at what they do. And that I intend to see if I can get them to run a sewing workshop this summer if they have time. Because I am sure I am not the only one who would benefit from hands on experience.

So Kudos to Steve Tayrien and his mechanic Tony. And thank you so much for your time and patience.

LA Pat

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