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Hi All,

This forum is an amazing wealth of info. I've been lurking for a while and finally registered.

I just wanted to share a few pix of my first two projects.

Up first is a Rob Roy style sporran. All hand sewn. This one is already off to it's new owner.


The slight asymmetry is due to my stupid camera. If it focuses on one thing, everything else around it is fisheyed.


Here's just SOME of the stuff this style of bag will hold!

The bag itself is ~4oz chrome tanned with 4-5oz veg tan interior panels. Rough dimensions when opened up are 9"w x 8"h. the gusset is about 2.5" deep.

The cabochon and toggles are made of Cocobola.

Sporran #2 is more of the classic 'regimental' style day sporran.




The facings are of a very dark olivey green chrome tan ~3oz. The interior is 4-5oz dyed black and waxed.

Gusset is black chrome tan ~3oz.

The lacing is triple loop, split into four quadrants. Each side of the flap and body is it's own set of braid. That way the more decorative face of the braid is always facing forward, and the direction of the lacing travels downward across the whole bag.

Any constructive comments are more appreciated.

Thanks all for making this site such a great resource!

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I love your work. Stick around and keep posting!

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