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Subcutaneous Bumps From Tree?

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My 5 year old gelding quarter draft cross has bumps under his skin on the off side. I got him late last fall and at that time he had a papable mass about 1/3 the size of a new pencil erasure just below the skin. It is located where a typical western saddle tree's end point bottom edge would contact his flank/loin. It has not changed at all since last October . A new slightly smaller bump has shown up in the meantime located again on the off side this time in the wither pocket directly below the front most point of a tree.

He was duded last summer and I suspect poor saddle fit or padding at that time may be a contributing factor. My current saddle fits him not perfectly but does not pinch or place any noticeable pressure in either of the bump locations. He was riden bareback by his original owner. Lack of worming may also factor in?

We done about 40 rides together thus far all mountain trail short duration 1 to 4 hrs. I use a 3/4 wool felt and a 6 lb wool saddle blanket doubled as padding. He shows no other signs of poor health.

Anyone able to shed some light?

Thanks JD

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