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Shuttle Info: Seiko Stw28B / Consew 226

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G'Day again,

I appreciate that the sewing machine technicians, and many others already know this,but every bit of info might help someone else that might new to sewing machines. But I had a minor quibble with the bobbin tension, the tension needed to be a bit tighter, as there was no tension at all .

I had no idea how to do this , other than the scant info in the users manual, and theres no sewing machine techs where I live .

So, the only way to find out ( like with everything else that I've done) is to work it out for myself.

(The STW28B is normally a twin needle, but I have it set up for a single needle....in case anyone is wondering)

I found it difficult and a bit awkward to get to the tension/adjusting screw on the outside of the shuttle ( my fat hands didn't help either), it was easier to remove the shuttle altogether.

Heres what I did.

I learnt that theres 2 tiny screws on the flat retainer plate that holds the shuttle in place.( good eyesight/ magnifiers and good light will be very helpful)

First I magnetised a miniature/precision screw driver, (so I wouldn't lose the screws), and I then carefully and slowly unsrewed them, and carefully lifted the tiny screws out with a pair of tweezers,and I lifted the shuttle out.

(the screws were a bit tight, so I positioned the screw driver in the screw and gave the end of the screw driver a few light taps with a small tack hammer , they then came loose,...and old mechanics trick).

It only took a few moments to adjust the tension on the shuttle.

Theres 2 tiny screws on the shuttle/bobbin tensioner itself, the one I adjusted was the one closest to the slot where the thread comes out.

I then took great care not to lose the screws when putting it back in.

And now, so far so good, the stitch now looks pretty good when I sew.

Theres some pics, one of the machine and one of the shuttle, you may have to zoom in a bit to see those tiny screws.

I hope this info helps someone else new to sewing machines.

All the best


post-7215-001997300 1302079433_thumb.jpg

post-7215-030786300 1302079488_thumb.jpg

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