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New Chinks

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Hey everyone,

I posted this in a different section as well but thought I should post it hear as well.

I just finished up this pair of chinks last night for my wifes uncle as part of the pay back program for keeping my horse at his place amongst many other things. I managed to draw up a bit of floral pattern which would be painful for any semi artistic person to watch because it takes me so long but this is the first bit of carving that I have drawn the pattern for and put on any project. I thin it turned out OK but think that I need to make the vine work a little larger around the outside as well as work on the overall shape of the petals on my flowers. THe pictures are not great as I took them with my phone and will try and get some better detailed ones if I have time but if you see where a guy could make improvement would love to hear some critiques.



post-9851-043068900 1306770362_thumb.jpg

post-9851-070872900 1306770363_thumb.jpg

post-9851-051442300 1306770364_thumb.jpg

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Hello Justin,

Not bad at all. The shading on the flower and the decorative cuts look good. One thing I recommend is to have more leaves circling in from the vine towards the flower. You have a little too much background space in the overall design and the extra leaves help fill that up. Also, I see where the stem leads up to the flower but right above that stem a leaf just sort of ends.

Hope this helps,


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