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1916 Singer 45K1 Won't Form A Loop

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Hi all, I recently bought a 45k1 that's been in a garage for years. I've run some thread and a new needle in it, filled a bobbin and turned it over.

The machine turns over smooth but the shuttle won't pick up a loop from the needle. I've had a good look through the parts list online and I've

checked that the bobbin is wound correctly and inserted ok ( even though these is a fair bit of surface rust) and the thread run is correct as per the instruction manual on bootmakers.

The only piece that seems to be missing is the shuttle guard (part number 91048) though it looks like its never had one.

Has anyone had my problem? and can give me any idea as to what I'm doing wrong.

Also has anyone got one of these flatbeds without the shuttle guard.

Thanks if you can help, mick

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OK Fixed it, the timing was out, a loose screw on the clamp had let the needle bar slip. Hope this helps someone else,


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This drove me nuts with my 45k. There were a couple of grub screws with damaged threads that held tight enough under hand pressure but slippped when sewing. I ended up stripping the whole machine right down and still haven't put it back together again.

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