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Finishing A Braid

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I have seen plenty of tutorials showing different ways to braid, but the one thing that always seems to be missing is showing how to tie off the braid to stop it unraveling.

What kind of knots should be used?

Or are there better ways to complete a braid?

I know it will all depend on how i wish to use the braid, but i'm hoping somebody can give me a few pointers to help me in the right direction!

Just for starters, i recently have tried some 4 strand round braid, 3 and 4 strand plaits and i have been unable to figure out an acceptable way of finishing them off.

please help - i'm starting to feel like an idiot!


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You have a number of different things you can do. This thread describes a basic terminal knot: http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=19613

You can do a Mathew Walker know too. What I like to do anymore is braid past where I need and put a 4 strand ring knot through and around the braid and then cut off the excess. Here are some pics of how to tie it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/casa-megabit/sets/72157626253787004/

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There are so many ways to finish an end off. Too numerous to mention all of them here. But it is also up to the individual artist which finish off they use. Most of us will use whatever is appropriate to the project at hand. For instance I use on my necklaces silver end caps that I buy from ebay.

Megabit's way is also another good way to end a braid if you don't want to use precious metals.


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