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Leather Ground Seat Problem Where Meets The Swells / Pommel

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Hello all - I have a question; I like the ground seat I put in this saddle, it is comfortable for me, and I carved it down quite a bit, the down side was that it took me 5 pieces to get it in the way I wanted...which made it awful thick up towards the hand hold area, which that would be ok, but the main problem/question is where the leather meets the tree near the swells almost fills in that whole area....I should have carved that back more while I was working. NOw I am not sure how to get in there and carve some of that out?

I don't really want to take the whole ground seat out, this is a 4-year project just to get this far; but the part near the swells has to come down, and the other question is I can't seem to get down in there to carve some of it out? What do I do or how do I fix this? The rest of the seat is perfect (feel wise)...

Advice appreciated....


post-7290-009394000 1344276548_thumb.jpg

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Im not sure I understand your question/problem. Based on the pic you posted, it looks like a functional handhole area. You have blended the leather with the swells on the top side, and the hole looks large enough and proper shape. So you may be worried over nothing. You may want to post more pics showing exactly where your concerned about for a better analysis.


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Hi Charlene,

I agree with Keith, from your photo it appears the groundseat blends nicely with the fork. If you are going to change anything, i'd rework how you covered the front of the handhole. The splits you made in the covering extend down onto the front edge of the handhole and although a minor thing, you'd be able to see that from the bottom side of the saddle.


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