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How To Make A Pirate Tricorn Hat Out Of Leather? How To Dye It Without Staining Forehead Skin?

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Does anyone have a good pattern for making a leather tricorn hat? The tutorials I have found online rely on a rounded top with straight sides sewed on and witha brim added last. I was hoping for a more authentic-looking pattern with a completely rounded top (no stitched straight sides). Can anyone help or direct me to the right resource? I have 5oz. veg tanned tooling leather to work with and all necessary cutting, edging, stitching tools. Also, tips on how to finish the leather to make it a deep brown that would not stain the forehead would be appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance and a Merry Christmas to all leather workers out there! :)

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A very long time ago I made leather cowboy hats- the type Clint Eastwood wore, with a straight brim. Your pirate hat is going to be similar. First, you need leather that is going to stretch a LOT for the head shape. Second, you will need to make your own patterns. Historically tricorn hats were made from felt, as it is easy to steam and shape. For pattern help, you will need historical costume books, some of which have patterns drawn on squared paper which you scale up. The period you need is around the Civil War era, Georges 1 to 3 English kings.

My hats were 4 pieces- 2 for the crown, 1 for the brim upper, and 1 for the brim lower The crown piece was sandwiched between the two layers so you would not see the tabbed edges.

I joined the leather on the crown with a butt join, onto 1" webbing. If you put in a hat sweatband on the inside, unless your sweat goes through, the colour should not come out of the hat onto your forehead.

I hope this helps.

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