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I present here the two first prayer pipes (also called elbow pipes) I ever made, having carved the bowls in steatite (soap stone) - I never carved stone before that. The stems are made of various wood and materials, and those interested to know more about these pipes and how they are made can find a full description with more and better photos on my website. They are shown here with the pouches I made later on. These pouches are made of cow leather lined with a coated cloth and the decorations are of various stuff: hairy foal skin, dyed snake skin, chicken leg skin (I didn't even know it exists before I found some on an online shop!), glass beads (loom with heddle beading) and gemstone beads, feathers, hairpipes, fox fur, Corian... Fully hand sewn and own design with obviously and once more a strong Native Influence (many years ago a psychic,however right on so many things that could be verified, told me it was the very first time I was living as a white man! After all, perhaps that this influence comes from outside and inside...?)



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