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Looking For Bar Stool Legs

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Hey Everyone,

I've got a project in the works for a couple of fire-fighter themed barstools. What I'm looking for is a supplier that sells JUST the legs for making your own barstools, and sells them in small quantities or even singles. One that has a nice varied selection would be great. I've googled, ebayed, even mcmaster-carred, and can't seem to find such a supplier (unless I want to order several thousand units, direct from china, to be sent in my very own shipping container... :no:)

If I can't find a supplier, I'll probably have to hit up Sam's Club, Walmart, etc. and try to find some stools that will work and just canniballize them for the parts, but I thought I might ask here first before going that route. We're more than capable of making them ourselves at our shop (welding/fab, machining, general mechanics type place), but I've crunched the numbers, and to make the run of just three or four sets of legs would put this project way over budget.

Thanks everyone,


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