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I am soaking some e-bay Craftool stamping tools in Evaporust right now to get rid of some slight surface rusting and clean them up.

I am wondering if I should coat the tool in anything after...oil, wax etc to protect the tool from rusting again but also without staining the leather.

If it were a woodworking tool I would use a light coating of 3in1 or WD40. I also have some spray coating, Boesheild T9, for cast iron table protection on my table saw etc. that leaves a waxy coating. http://boeshield.com/

Also some of the tools have their plating chipped off. I am especially disappointed in a nice small bevelller; it has lost a good 2/3rds of its plating. Is the tool toast or can I use it as normal?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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You might consider using a leather friendly oil to coat them with...one of the common conditioners should do alright at keeping surface rust down.

As for the chrome plating.....I think it's Peter Main that advises to use a torch and burn off all your chrome so you get better tool impressions. The tool will work either way, but if you have a place where there's partial chroming/partial flaking it could make a distorted impression.

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