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Hey everyone, I've done some searching but come up with mixed results. Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for the best combo for painting and sealing on top of Fiebings Pro Oil Dye? I'm cutting, tooling, punching holes and then dying my pieces black — passing them off to a friend to do some painting on them (using a full range of color), and then she's giving them back so I can seal the paint and stitch them up.

I haven't done any painting, acrylic or otherwise, on leather yet so I'm wondering if anyone had and product or combo recommendations given that I'm using the pro oil dye... Thanks in advance!

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I've started doing a bit of this myself and my research into this I've come up with the following.

Dye with the Oil dye as you said

Wait for it to dry (24 hrs min)

buff the dye, then buff again. after that buff some more to remove all the pigment left

Seal the dye using resolene mixed with water 50/50 - a couple of thin coats

Paint with acrylic.

When dry, apply clear varnish to the acrylic painted area ONLY - (some acrylics react funny to resolene)

seal again with resolene 50/50 mix - maybe 1 coat on the acrylic then another coat over it it all.

Apply conditioner / wax finish

As I've said, I've only just started doing this and not really finished my first piece yet, but the above are the steps I'll be taking.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Harag... do you have any pictures of your results?

You're welcome, No pictures yet, I'm still working on the first piece and taking my time for drying. I've finished the tooling and added neatsfoot oil, hoping to dye this week then start painting the acrylic part next week.

There is a thread in the general forum that another newbie and I have put together to help starters, but as cyber mentions later in the topic - experiment! Which I agree with in part, but a list does help the starters, try the list, mess around and see what you come up with that works for you. Personally I'm following the list for now until I learn more.


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Here you go. The white and gold paints don't have any dye under them. The purple keychains have black underneath.

Other than that,



varnish (I'm using Liquitex)

resolene/finish the entire piece

Really not much to it besides doing it. Also, I've seen lots of people put Resolene directly over Acrylics and have no problems whatsoever. Just try it and check your results before you decide you need the varnish.

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