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Leatherworking Workshop, Philadelphia, August 24Th 2013

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We are very excited to bring the age-old craft of leatherworking to NextFab.

This introductory workshop will expose participants to a variety of basic leatherworking tools and techniques and give them a solid base for further exploration of this craft. The first session of this workshop will primarily deal with leather preparation, tooling, lacing, and finishing through brief lectures and demonstrations. In the second session partcipants will be able to choose and complete one of two leather projects from start to finish and take home what they create.

Participants in this workshop will learn a variety of techniques including: pattern transfer, pattern carving and pattern stamping.

After the demo portion of the class, class members will have the opportunity to try their hand at carving, stamping, stitching, and finishing by completing either a traditional coin purse or money clip project.

The coin purse project features a simple yet classic flower design on the back of the piece that will be brought to life with the carving and stamping techniques learned in class. It also features a traditional whip-stitch patten around the perimeter of the piece and a custom monogram on the front of the piece. All in all, students who choose this project will walk away from the workshop with a personalized, stylish, and fully functional coin purse that securely snaps closed to keep coins in place.

The money clip project features a more complex vine and flower design on the front of the piece that will have quite a bit of depth and visual interest after carving and stamping. In addition, this project calls for a classic straight stitch around the perimeter of the piece. All in all, students who choose this project will walk away from the workshop with an attractive money clip that utilizes magnets to keep bills secure.

This workshop will run 3-4 hours in total. The first hour will be dedicated to discussing the carving and stamping tools included in the leather working kits with short follow-along demos. The following 2-3 hours will be dedicated to completing one of the featured projects. When the workshop is complete, students will get to keep their leather working kits from the class, and will have the opportunity to complete 3 other projects included in the kit at home.

Purchase tickets HERE.

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