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Checking Interest For Lot Of Bk Tools. Not Parting Out.

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Anyone interested to buy these in a lot? If yes I'll check each tool how much I bought for and less 15% and put them in the classified.

I'm tired of binning leather. Either I don't have talent or time for this, or it's simply not practical for someone living in a place where leather is not avail locally. It's heart wrenching practicing on leather which is $15 a foot shipped.

It's especially difficult when I don't have the opportunity to ever see a real Sheridan carving other than photos too.

There's also two BK swivel knives with extra border blade.

One Kyoshin Elle swivel with two Leather Wrangler blades.

There's also two Grey Ghost lifters I'd give free to the buyer. When they first arrive, I'd made sheaths for them using veg tan from some Indian tannery. The leather sheath actually corroded the lifters. After buffing out the rust, the lifters work ok but just not as sharp as new.




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Hi This is everything that I wish to sell. The prices beside are the original prices.

1/8 inch beader blade $253/8 inch barrel with Straight 3/8 inch thick blade $45

7/16 inch barrel with Straight 1/4 inch thin blade $45

Taper 14 oz maul $50

#1 Lifter $25

#2 Lifter $25

#0 Checkered Beveler $25

#1 Checkered Beveler $25

#2 Checkered Beveler $25

#2 Round Checkered Beveler $25

#4 Round Checkered Beveler $25

#0 Smooth Beveler $25

#2 Smooth Beveler $25

#2 Curved Thumbprint (left & right)$50

#0 Horizontal Thumbprint $30

#2 Horizontal Thumbprint $30

#3 Horizontal Thumbprint $30

#1 Leaf Liner $30

#2 Smooth Stop $30

#2 Checkered Turnback $30

#2 Lined and Scalloped Veiner $30

#1 Center Shader $30

#3 Flower Center 12 Seed $30

#4 Fluted Camouflage $35

There's $745 worth of tools here and I would like to sell for $600 exclude shipping.

I would not like to break up the set as I do not wish to be stuck with a tool here and there.

At least with a complete set, I could still pick up carving in the future if I find the time for it.

I will throw in 2 Grey Ghost lifters for free. They corroded a little when I made sheaths for them. After buffing the corrosion out, they were not as sharp as original but still work very well.

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How much is shipping to the US.


How much is shipping to the US?


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