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Lil Doodler

Cylinder Sewing Machine Flat Bed Attachment

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After seeing a flat bed attachment for an Adler,

I decided to make one on my own for my Artisan Toro 4000.

Thought you might like to see it. It is pretty easy to make and cost a lot less than the commercially available ones.


It's made of 1/2" plywood. I used a piece of 1/8" x 1" Aluminium to make a strap to hold the bed securely in place


Another view of underside


There are two guides, easily moved or removed. When both guides are used, you can sew a perfectly straight line on a strap or belt.


Cutouts on the wood were done with a scroll saw.

If you didn't know, the scroll saw is a great piece of equipment. It can cut almost anything, including leather.

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I watch a guy in 8th grade split one of his fingers on a scroll saw too, worked real good, he got almost past the nail before ne realized it.

Awesome table, I love the way you did the edge guides! Well done!!!

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Didn't the guy feel any pain??

Did the teacher tell anything about safety before he let people use the machines?

It's a good thing that guy wasn't learning a radial arm saw hehehe

Scroll saws are usually very safe

Thanks for your compliments!

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Yeah he felt it. He never really paid attention to much, kinda a space cadet, good guy just kinda out there.

I was sitting at my machine sewing a belt wishing i had a guide on the left. Flattop came with mine, I will be giving it a facelift. Actually might do that to my Singer too. Its amazing how the simplest solutions can sometimes escape us.

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