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Bluegun Store - New Site - Free Shipping & Pricing Format

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As many of you already know we are moving to a new site on or near 1/1/14. This move is to improve several site issues we have had in the past and gives us an opportunity to offer a more user-friendly experience for our customers.

*Site transition*

On or near 1/1/14 we will transfer our domain to the new site so when you go to www.bluegunstore.com you will automatically be at the new site. You will need to re-register for the new site. If you want to be notified of new items you must check the product updates check box during registration.

The old site will remain open however you will not be able to process orders; you will need to use the new one to place orders. This is so you can still access your account and order histories. All orders that were placed with the old site will completely process through that site. The domain for the old site (current one) will be www.bluegunstore.info .


There has been a price increase from Rings Manufacturing, which we all know is the manufacturer of BLUEGUNS. This will be the first increase in 2 years and our first ever increase. We have also experienced a price increase in our supply items and postage. As a result of the price increases we are changing our pricing format to the below format.

As of 1/1/14 we are going to a free shipping format on all items.


Handguns - $47.99 w/free shipping.

Long guns - $209.99 w/free shipping

Handgun Magazines - $29.99 w/free shipping

Long gun Magazines – Not added to site yet will be forthcoming

Weighted Handgun fee - $24.00

Weighted Long gun fee - $100.00

Weighted Magazine fee - $10.00

Period guns - Not added to site yet will be forthcoming


Supplies will have a bulk breakdown discount depending on how many ordered with free shipping. The breakdown chart will be listed on each individual product page. You will also receive an additional discount on supply items if they are apart of your bulk order via the bulk discount listed below. More items will be forthcoming in 2014.

*Bulk Discounts*

In order to curve some cost for bulk orders we will offer the below bulk discount levels.

Silver Level Discount – 5% off on orders of $250 or more

Gold Level Discount – 10% off on orders of $500 or more

Thank you!

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Rob, thanks for the update. Looking forward to your new sites. I think your pricing still looks good. i am guessing all the other suppliers will be getting the same price increase from Rings that yo got. I appriciate your customer service.


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Scott yes I would think everyone will have an increase.

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We are working on transferring the site to the new location so it will be down off/on

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