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Neither one is all that special, nor very good. I made a lot of mistakes, and probably bad choices in design, but I learned a lot.

The bowie was a tough one. 8/0oz Bullhide, mix of walnut oil dye, and neatsfoot. Finish is colorless Harness dressing. Drilled holes and handstitched. Never did that drilling stitch holes before, realized afterwards that the leather builds up on the bit, and makes the holes too big. Cleaned off the bit, and things went back to normal.

The customer wanted to horizontal back carry. He's wide, but I have my ideas, it ain't gonna work. Never did see anyone pull this off successfully. It can also be carried vertically.

The way I have it figured, the belt slides into the first two pant loops, then into the sheath loop. Comes out the square hole , through the center back belt loop, then into the sheath again, and then through the rest of the pant loops. This is a tough way to do it, but very tight, and secure. It keeps the knife as close to the body as I could get. I thought about loops and snaps, criss crosses, etc, easier but not as life protecting secure, I thought. (Did I mention, this is for for a soldier). I still haven't decided if this is the one he gets, or not. It might just go in the heap pile.

The dark one is just a molded bridle leather (chestnut side) for a tactical vertical carry. I still have to install a tension screw. No snaps cause he wants a fast draw.

Both knives have a short "backstop", sweat shield, whatever you want to call it. Makes the knife easier to grab, less protrusion.

Sure would like to see your varieties of big knife horizontal carry examples, if any. Post 'em...critique these, throw out suggestions, it's all good. I'm stuck between regaining my skills, making a living, and practicing new things. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't.

I'll check back in a bit, got to make a concealed carry/off duty belt.





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My 1/2 cent:

- that Bowie knife looks great but I can't see it as practical. I think you agreed in thought with that though. I think the system you came up with to hold the knife/sheath close is very ingenious but, as you alluded to, a pain to actually take on/off.

- the other one is really nice! It looks great and very usable to me. I think he'll be very pleased. Did I miss-read that this one was going to be a horizontal carry sheath? Looks vertical to my untrained eye.

Nice job over all I think on them both.

God Bless,


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Thnx WVTriker. Sometimes I just overthink things, this one maybe one of those times.

The brown one is a vertical carry.

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On the light color one: you might consider a series of bag slots, maybe as many as 8 spaced 1 1/2 to 2 inches apart; I'm not sure of the size of the knife and the sheath, maybe as little as four, whatever … you should be able to space them for practical use. Where a belt can be threaded in and out and around trouser loops and the knife end up where it needs to be. (You've got some good thinking going there.) It should meet the need the way I'm thinking. I would think a soldier would wear this under a ruck or armor, who knows - so a close, solid fit is mandatory. I'd want it to stay put and be there if I reached for it, yet not hang on my stuff and hinder me and not tie me up if I'm dumping whatever is covering it, and not fall off with what I'm shedding. Personally, I'll take a tight fitting belt loop any day. For a soldier a knife is not a primary weapon – not in my mind anyway. The belt loops on some of my personal (CHL) holsters are so tight that I have to thread the belt through them before I put my pants on. I'd make ‘em the same if I carried a knife on my belt. I’d want it secure, accessible, and defendable - who knows what or where the fight will be. I don’t want to get shot with my own gun or stuck with my own knife. … You can put a few miles on those loops and the user will appreciate that - consider blocking them; not to mention that's the sign of a well made and thought out piece of gear. You can dampen (the loops) that back piece with a spray bottle or sponge, use plain water - dampen it well, but don't soak it - then thread a mocked-up belt though the loops and bone in a good fit. You could use a piece of flat flexible wood or plastic, a piece of sheet metal wrapped and layered with duct tape; paint paddles from Home Depot or Lowes can work for this - you might have to modify them, sand off the sharp edges, reduce the thickness, or on the thickest ones use a belt sander or rasp to thin them. If you don't have a sander, rasp them down and then feather it out by hand sanding. If you take too much wood off, wrap tape around it to widen or thicken it - who says you can't cut a little back on ... lol! In a real crunch you could cut strips of cardboard (like cereal boxes) into the proper width and layer it until you get it thick enough to simulate a belt. Perhaps wrap it with sheets of plastic. This maybe is a quick, down and dirty version of a blocking loop, but it’ll let you turn out a nice practical piece.

My preferred method is a mocked up belt. I usually line these with pieces of gutter flashing to add stiffness. All I’m looking for is to get the loops blocked; but you don't have to go to that much trouble or use up good leather, esp. if this is a one time thing. If you're going to stay at it, then I’d consider making some mock-up copies of your carry belts in the widths and thickness you deem practical.

Hope this makes sense and helps. You've got a good idea there and you can turn out a real nice and practical piece of gear based on your first run. If you redo it let us see the end result.

Tell that GI we appreciate him stepping up to the plate. May he kick-a and take names!

Semper Fi!

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