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Hermann Oak Pieces And Supplies

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So I really had the intention of getting into leatherwork, but I'm already really busy with work and the horses and I just got accepted into school. Realistically I just don't have the time for yet another hobby. I sent back what supplies I could to the company I bought everything from and would just like to recoup a few more dollars if possible to help pay for school.

I have two pieces of Hermann Oak leather, 8-11oz. One piece is brown, the other is black, and they were each originally 24x24in. Obviously I cut on them a bit, but the cut pieces are all 1" wide and range from 6"-24" in length. About two strips have been practiced on for sewing and what not. I'm hoping to sell everything together and just get it out of my hair.

Lot contains:

- Hermann Oak Leather
- 4mm Black Neoprene (new; used for padding; several feet)
- Kydex Samples (new)
- Various hand sewing needles (new)
- Barge All-Purpose Cement (opened, but full)
- 50/50 Paraffin Wax, Beeswax Mix (approx. 8oz. total - in the red ceramic cup)
- Gum Tragacanth (opened, but new)
- Edge Kote - Brown (opened, but new)
- Acrylic Resolene - Neutral (opened, almost full)

The two pieces of leather was $100 alone, but I do understand I won't recoup a lot of my cost. Is anyone interested in this and what would you be willing to pay? I'm really unsure how to price it.

Thank you in advance!




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I have no idea what thats all really worth, but I'm interested in acquiring it. Is the leather veg tanned? I don't really know a lot about the different types of leather, so if you could give me some details on it that would help out my own lack of knowledge. I'm trying to get into leatherworking now, so I'd like to buy it off of you.

I know you put a lot more than this into it, but the most I can offer is $70. Let me know if you decide to sell it to me. :) Thanks.

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You don't indicate which part of the country you hail from, though you name leads one to believe you might be from Montana? If you've not let these go yet, I need to figure how much in freight it might cost to be of assistance to you?

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