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Starting Off - Help Me Properly Pick The Correct Leather For This

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I am starting my leatherworking adventure with a fairly simple piece. However I am having some trouble pin pointing this leather.


In the album above is a picture of the hound from game of thrones. He has armor that is studded leather strips of cowhide (At first I thought it was veg tanned that was just backgrounded but that is actually full grain cowhide atf sides.) Underneathed the leather is rivetted into a different type of leather and I cannot for the life of me pin point what it is. It looks to be suede, however I just think it looks thicker. You will also notice that around the edge of his costume it seems like the leather is folded in, how do I create that effect? A Skiver and some cement? Or should I hand stitch. If you look at the second picture you will notice that it is hand stick on the sides with thread, that is the leather that Im trying to pin point.

Its my first post here, please be kind if I am asking a silly question.

Thank you.

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