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I bought a large lot of these crimp on bars with what seems to be a male segma snap head on one side. They crimp on the edge for change purses. I see them on the change purse flap parts of older wallets and kit items from vintage Tandy carved and laced projects.

I just replaced a closure piece on and older Tandy kit women's wallet that have a shorter bar (about 3/4") My bars are about 2" wide but I was able to uncrimp the original off the rotted leather and instal it into the new leather closure. The female part in the wallet side was in good shape so I didn't have to try an adapt the wider ones I had to the new leather so that worked out. But I am still at a loss to get the matching female side parts to go with the snap bars i have.

They are very cool of you have ever sen a vintage item with this sort of closure on the change purse flaps. I would use them if I could. I have about 100 bars. The segma snaps available from Tandy now are "line 16" (this forum is the onlyh plalce I have ever seen the word 'ligne' used instead of 'line').

I have found one listing for line 14 sigma snaps in brass plated steel. Before I buy these to be able to use the female sides with my bars I was wondering if anyone else has had experience with these snap bars and that my bars will snap to the line 14s for sale at



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We usedta call the longer ones "bar snaps" and the shorties were "jiffy snaps". Comes with both parts.

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