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To Protect Ones Fingers ?

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Good day to all.

This morning one of our carpenters (knowing that I'm into saddlery) asked if I could make something to protect his fingers

whilst pulling the bowstring ?
Suppose that must hurt in the end .... so no doubt it exists.
- Iv'e absolutely no idea how that's called.

- No idea what( pattern to use either One finger or two or three together ? Kind of glove just fior the finger tips ?

- Some ideas on material. But advise more than welcome.

Any ideas for you lot?

Thank you in advance (from a suddenly very hot South of France)



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Sounds like a strange question from an archer...

Basically there's two ways to protect the fingers, gloves and tabs. Archery gloves usually only have three fingers, so thumb and little finger stay free. Some are real gloves, others only cover the finger tips. Tabs are basically a small piece of leather, that again covers the three middle fingers. These too come in various forms.

If you do not have any experience in this area I'd suggest you check out 3riversarchery.com or lancasterarchery.

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Aart, . . .

Here's one simple pattern, . . . index finger into left hole, . . . middle finger into center hole, . . . ring finger into right hole.

The arrow is held between the index and middle finger, . . . that is why the slot.

Make it out of suede or veg tan, . . .

May God bless,



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It's called a Finger Tab and it is a very basic design. Just look up picture of it and you can see the varying configurations. He should know what they're called.

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