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Leather Weights / Thickness

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In general what do you make with what mm or oz leather like if u make holsters or wallets or belts or sheaths just curious to see what people use for their different projects

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My belts are whatever combination I have at the moment because I do not own a splitter. I generally try for an 8 oz and a 6 oz together for a 14 oz or so belt, . . . just shy of 6mm.

For holsters, . . . 7 oz to 9 oz or two 4 or 5 oz pieces sandwiched together for a lined holster.

Knife sheaths start around 6 oz and go up, . . . depending on how big the knife is, . . . how it is carried.

Guitar straps are generally 5 or 6 oz, . . . maybe 7 if I got to stamp it much.

May God bless,


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I'm usually using:

wallets: external parts 1.2-1.6 mm (3/4 oz); pockets 0.8-1.2 mm (2/3 oz)

belts: 3-4 mm (approx. 8/10 oz)

sheaths: 3-3.5 mm (approx. 7/9 oz) somethimes thinner

bags: 2.5-3.5 mm (approx. 6/9 oz) depands on the size

regards, J.

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