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Wanted: Walking Foot Stitcher, 346 Thread Compatible, Triple Feed

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Hi, up to this point I've been handstitching my leather goods (mainly wallets) by hand thinking my target customers cared about that craftmanship. What I've realized is they don't - they care about the look of the leather and the design of the wallet, so I'm now in the market for a machine stitcher.

I'll start making wallets and simple leather bags, ranging from 2 layers of 5-6oz leather (rarely vegtan, normally softer chrome tanned or combination tanned Horween leathers) up to 4 layers of 4 oz...so from 10oz up to 16oz of total leather. I have a few designs that will be 2 layers of 5 oz tolling and bridle leathers, so those will also be stiffer. I want to make sure this machine could accomodate some of my future ideas, which include duffle bags, backpacks, and camera bags.

From my reserach, I need a walking foot leather stitcher with triple feed. My preference for appearance sake is size 346 thread, so I'll need a machine to accomodate that.

I have a specific budget that I think is fair based on looking at more recent(ish) listings that sold off here, so as long as you have a well running machine around that budget I'd be glad to chat.

Please let me know if you have anything that'd fit the bill or if you have any suggestions where I could/shoudl look.



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There is only one machine that will do what you want, a 441 clone. I have flat bed machines that will handle #346, but to do what you want a cylinder arm is what you need. The only cyl. machine capable of #346 would be a 441 or clone thereof. A 133 Singer would handle that thread but is not triple feed. Gump.

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