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To all aspiring saddle and tack makers - This is a quick review of the machine I just bought which is a Cobras Class 4- I am writing this strictly to help you make a major decision - I know it took me hours and days of sifting though information and reviews online as well as calling the various 441 clone makerpost-40687-0-89344100-1412179154_thumb.jpost-40687-0-89344100-1412179154_thumb.js to decide on a machine - I hope this simplifies the process for you. I personally found that the decision was a hard one to make - It's a big investment, and there are many conflicting opinions online which confuse a rookie like myself.

My goal was to buy a machine which would be: A) easy to use for a newbie, B) Sew as heavy as skirts to fleece for saddles, C) Sew as light as making a pair of armitas, D) be fairly fool proof.

My decision to purchase the Class 4 was based on:

01 - A saddle maker who owns this machine highly recommended it and Steve as well - He told me it was the easiest machine to use he's ever encountered.

02 - I believe that this machine will hold it's value relatively well.

03 - It is fairly versatile

04 - Controlability of sewing speed

05 - Steve and Cobra are well regarded

Prior to receiving this machine I had used a home owners grade machine maybe once so I am a complete rookie in the sewing world. However, the Cobra set-up very easily. I might have spent an hour or so setting it up. I then probably spent three+ hours sewing scrap material - It definitely takes some getting used to if you aren't familiar with running a sewing machine. I would highly recommend to any new sewing machine owner to spend as much time as you need to feel completely comfortable sewing and making tension adjustments before starting into an actual project. If not, I can guarantee you will wreck a piece or two.

Anyhow, it probably took me about 4 hours to get the hang of this machine - I have now completed a couple of items - A simple spade bit hanger (pic attached), a pulling style breast collar and some rear billets for my saddle.

The machine is very easy to use. Once you get the hang of it really works well - The speed control is amazing. I can literally sew as slow as I want to (Very slow at times for this rookie) and I find the tension adjustments between leather thicknesses and thread sizes fairly easy and intuitive.

The bottom line is I am very happy with my purchase, The machine works well - I have sewn two layers of light chap leather together with ease and as heavy as 3/4" skirting with ease as well.

I will post some pictures of projects I complete over the next while. My hope is that this will help the rest of you aspiring sewing machine owners out there make a simple informed decision.


Ron L

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I have to add a few comments, OK, a LOT of comments, on this subject as well. A year and a half ago, I too agonized over the purchase of a Cobra 4 machine. Once I finally made the decision to contact Steve and place an order I felt fully confident that I had made the right choice in purchasing this wonderous machine from Steve.

The transaction was smooth and flawless. Delivery was a marvel in itself, as I live in a very small cul-de-sac and I still am not quite sure how that very looong delivery truck in and out of our little street with such ease. The driver was personable, careful to a fault and most courteous. He deposited the palleted machine in precisely the spot where I needed it to go. Set up was a breeze, but the head of the machine is very HEAVY so for that part you need strong assistance.

I have decades of experience in sewing on domestic machines so for me the learning curve of the machine was swift and smooth. I had only one issue/question following delivery and setup. Steve returned my call promptly and resolved my issue efficiently and promptly. I was up and running in no time at all and this Cobra 4 has been a great asset to my business.

My entire career prior to retirement and venturing into letherworking, was in sales and customer service so I am extra "tuned in" to the level of service I recieve from various companies with which I have transactions. With out a doubt, my transaction to purchase the Cobra 4 was outstanding!

I am confident that should I have any problems, questions or issues with my machine, Steve and his staff will be there to assist me in resolving whatever may go wrong. So far, in a year and a half I have had no issues with my Cobra 4.

How can you top this kind of service? You can not! It is simply the BEST!

Satisfied customer, Viking Queen

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Kinda forgot to keep posting images of stuff I have sewn. Really haven't done that much as I have been busy. However here are some chaps i made a month or so ago...

Sewing machine really works awesome - Zero complaints!! I've sewn up some martingale type collars, chaps, bridles, billets etc. Building saddle #2 right now so sewing rigging plates and skirts will be next.

KBC 04

KBC 03


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