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Hi, this is my first post on leatherworker!

I have an industrial machine, a singer, for very lightweight sewing (I had to order special narrow needles) so I am looking to buy a new machine for sewing thick leather, 5-7oz

I have found some good machine heads on ebay, Consew 255B, Singer 211W115, and very old but apparently in good working condition Singer 111W115 (someone I worked for had this exact machine, also old but very beautiful and reliable stitching)

My current table and motor are in great condition, the motor is a Tacsew, clutch, 5.8 amp. My question is...possibly a dumb one...but will any/all of these machine heads fit and run with this motor? I read your post about clutch vs servo, but still felt unsure about combining a different head with my existing clutch.

Thanks in advance! here is a photo of my motor.


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Motor works with all of the mentioned machines as it is connected with a V-belt. But be careful, this is a high speed motor with 3400 rpm. I would either add a small 2" pulley and / or a speed reducer or replace the motor with a new servo motor and if you need extra torque then add a speed reducer too.

Measure the cut out in your table and compare it with the measures of the machine you are going to buy. The cut out may fit but the hinges maybe different.

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