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Wanted Pricking Irons For Next Video. Armitage Leather

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Hello Folks,

I need a bit of help for my next video.

I'm planning on doing a tool review on Pricking Irons available today.

I'd like as many irons that I can lay me hands on so I can give as balanced a review as possible.

I will cover quality, purpose, availability and suitability of each make of iron.

I am not beholden to any company so the review will be honest.

I have accumulated a nice range of pricking iron over the years.

I tend to use Joseph Dixons as they are the most available here in the UK.

I have recently been sent a number of the Japanese and the Chinese irons very popular on eBay.

However... I am missing Vergez Blanchard irons.

I looked at the site and can buy a set new, but the cost is a bit extreme just for a video.

Therefore, I am on the scrounge! Has anyone got a set of 11's for sale or loan?

Ideally I'd like a set of 11's to show off the finer stitch.

As best as I can work out, the 11's give the closest stitch to 10 stitches per inch.

I'd like an 11-2 which is the two prong and an 11-12 or 12+. 12 making the iron 1 inch wide so anything bigger than an inch, preferably 1 1/2 inches.

If you have something to suit but in different sizes, let me know anyway, the size will not be a huge issue.

I have access to an Osborne iron, with this, the Dixons and the Asian irons I think I will be able to cover what is available pretty much everywhere.

If you are aware of a make of pricking irons I haven't mentioned please let me know.

If you are in the process of making or know someone who is making pricking irons or are able to do so and can send me prototypes... email me!

I am willing to buy the irons but as they are for the video, I'd rather not break the bank.

If you have a set you are willing to loan me, I will cover shipping, or if you want something making in trade, let me know.

If you have a blunt or damaged iron you want fixing or don't want anymore, send it to me. I intend to include pricking iron sharpening in the video as well.

The video will be free, with as much information included as I can get in.

Any help or information... or irons you can let me have would be gratefully received and hopefully go towards helping may people in the craft.

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Cant help with the Blanchards, but if you need a loan of any more dixons (old type & new) you can borrow them for the vid, no problem.

I've got 7,8,9 & 10 in various sizes plus a couple of 12's

http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=56100&p=361968 has some pictures

15's & 16's on their way to me.

Also French & German pricking wheels, up to 18 I think

Might need some time to find them, all my gear is boxed up just now.

Now if you ever feel like doing vid on old French plough gauges, splitters or round knifes I'm your man !

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Nigel, I can't wait to see that video!

I was about to pull the trigger on a couple of irons and I saw this thread.

I really hope someone will answer the call for the Vergez irons, it would be great to have an objective critique/comparison of the quality...

There's no way I could express how informative, helpful and inspirational your videos are!

Thanks so much for the time and hard work!

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I don't have anything you'd need, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the video. It would be hugely helpful.

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