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Leather Skiver Feed Roller Issue

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SKIVER: fortuna-type-50-pag-df

I just replaced my worn out feed roller on my skiver but I discover a problem.

The axon coming from the motor that feeds the roller is not long enough or the feed roller

is shorter so it wears out the attachment of the feed roller.

Please see the video:

The feed rollers I use on this fortuna skiver are compatible, they say Made in Italy and

they have the number 801 on them.

Am I using the right feed roller as it gets wear out really quickly.

Have you got any idea where to get the right type?

I bought mine from here:


Any help would be greatly appreciate it as I'm a bit stuck really!

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You may want to contact Pfaff in Germany as I do think that they have parts or information for your Fortuna ..

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Did Sieck tell you the feed roller was compatible with your Fortuna machine? 801 is the name of the main Chinese clone, which is sold under various different brand names.

I also need a replacement feed roll on my Fortuna. The price I just had back from a UK distributor was £185 + 20% tax, which is insane, given that a feed roll for the Chinese machines cost a few dollars!

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