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Eames Plycraft Ect... Restoration

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Hey Everyone! Im new here but have done some minor upholstery in my day! MINOR! anyway, I have NECCI sewing machine (forgot model but will update soon) and I found an Eames Style 50s lounge chair in the dumpster! all in one piece! leather was shot.. wood was ok but veneer was peeling... no problem wood is my strong point.. anyway.. I want to replace the leather and padding but Im a little unknowledgeable here... where would I start? I now I need nylon thread... and some needles.. any idea what size? the chairs look so beautiful but seem so easy to build! here is a before pic and what it will be afterwards .. and then the leather I have and veneer Ill be applying to the back... and then example of how chair will look finished except little different colors ... I just need to start I guess lol mostly its setting up machine ... Ive sewn cloth a decent amount and even made some seat stretchers for my recumbent bicycle frame I built .Pifertex is very hard to sew strait.. I don't think it really is made to sew strait as the needle can't really pierce it so it moves around in the voids of that mesh... anyway.. leather is new to me somewhat... any pointers?





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