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Your Latest Noob To School

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Hello, my name is Brad. I am a total amateur as far as real leather work goes. I have been sewing guitar straps for a few years now, made mostly from repurposed leather jackets and stuff.

I am using a "hot-rodded" Singer 185J, for sewing which I hope can last me for a bit longer.

I recently purhased some tools, (and there is so many more I suddenly realize I need) adn some bellies and am beginning to start on working

on some veg-tan straps. I am here to learn from y'alls on tooling tips, and dying, staining and other finishing.

I am a member of several guitar forums, so I am no stranger to the fun world of hobby/fetishes LOL -I started into strapping in making

theme/custom straps for my own custom finished guitars, then it sort of branched out from there.

Last weekend I tooled and finished my very first guitar strap from zero - it made me at the very least NOT want to dump my tools in the round filing cabinet.

Here's some pics - I am not too proud for critique, I know I have TONS to learn. First off, I have to learn how to hold my tools so that my hand

doesn't cramp up so bad - I also need to figure out that whole stropping thing, and get some rouge and keep my knife sharp.

Also, I think I might be using the wrong tools for the right job, or viseyversy





I think I will be repurposing this silly flower stamp. I will not be using it EVER again. So cheeze.



other tools I know really need, edge bevelers, some different stamps... some more dyes, and the right finishing solutions.

Anyway, as this is my first post, as a dedicated forumite and digital citizen, I look forward to contributing to and learning from

you, my very crafty brothers and sisters... Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to the forum Brad.

There is a whole wealth of information on here.

Yeah, keep that knife sharp, it's important and it gives you a lot more control. A good investment for me was a filigree blade for more intricate carving, handy if you tend to work on smaller projects.

Keep up the good work.

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Hello Brad, where is the great white north? Alaska, Canada, Sweden? Welcome to the forum. Did you find the action on figure carving yet? Guess you'll like it just like I do and all the sudden you realize how many more tools want to get :-)

Have fun on here

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Welcome here! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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thanks brothers-appreciate the encouragement - I'm in Canada BTW - lots of long cold winters and super short daylight hours, so hobbies are kind of a good thing to have

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