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Weaver Pre Dyed "english" Bridle Belts

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I have been consideringing buying a few of Weaver's pre-dyed English bridle belts (punch the holes myself) to so I can judge the local market and see if there is a demand for the style of leather belt. It is a lower cost test compared to buying a side or double shoulder etc.

Has anyone run into any issues such as the quality of dye, the edge paint they use etc that I should be aware of?

I have no experience with their English Bridle so I am also wondering if or what treatments may be required.



p.s. mods I am not sure if this was the correct section to post this in so please accept apologies if I did.

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I have found the quality to be very nice. The dye job in good and the edge dressing is good. I always burnished the edge a little more. The leather has been nice and flexible. I have had a few that I sent back because they were dry and brittle.


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